Winner of the 2015 No.8@Arup award

ARUP Behrens

We propose an interactive cocoon weaved out of a translucent fabric that turns the atrium into a stage for social encounter. The aim is to foster the notion of an atrium as the social centre of a building. Our focus is the exploration of architectural form, translucent materials and responsive lighting to facilitate social interaction. We collect people’s sentiments and materialise them into light and fibre. Read more: No8_at_Arup Award

Smart Citizen Sentiment Dashboard Sao Paulo


The project called Smart Citizen Sentiment Dashboard (SCSD) is an interactive and participatory installation that lets citizens engage with and comment on urgent challenges in São Paulo. SCSD aims to translate instant citizen feedback into a visual language, which is displayed on the media facade of the Galeria de Arte Digital (FIESP). The media facade and its surrounding turn into a stage for social encounter where the urban challenges can be discussed. Continue reading

Living Light Lab at the UCL VEIV Exhibition


At last week’s ‘Building Projection Party’ to celebrate over 10 years of the UCL EngD Centre VEIV I was invited to showcase the latest prototype of the ‘Living Light Lab’ project. The interactive low resolution LED display was hooked up with an RFID technology based feedback system to allow visitors of the party to instantly express their opinion through their Oyster cards or access cards.

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UP London Hackathon: I’m local

From local community boards to dynamic local dashboards

I am localGreat sketch by Elvia Vasconcelos

Location matters! Hardly any digital social network or media platform is missing out the opportunity to geographically trace their users activities. Amongst others Twitter, Facebook or Foursquare allow users to geo tag their lives. However, existing digital social networks miss out a web of location based micro information which emerges informally amongst local communities in their neighbourhoods. Continue reading